At The Speech and Language Practice, we provide comprehensive assessment and intervention for a large range of communication and swallowing difficulties. We see children from 12 months of age through to the very elderly and provide an individualised service to meet our client’s needs. Some of the areas we can help you with include:

  • Speech/Articulation
  • Receptive Language – understanding of communication
  • Expressive Language – Being able to express yourself effectively
  • Literacy – written communication
  • Pragmatics/Social Skills – Using communication functionally
  • Fluency – stuttering and other fluency issues
  • Voice – voice disorders, vocal care, voice education
  • Swallowing – assessment, intervention, and management of swallowing disorders (adults only)
  • Stroke and neurological disorders – assessment and intervention
  • Education and training for teachers
  • Screening clinics
  • Group therapy

All services are provided at The Speech and Language Practice which is located at Kanwal Medical Complex. We can provide home visits and school visits for existing clients on request.